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After 5 years, Sony’s PS4 is still killing it – TechCrunch


After a successful holiday season, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is nearing some pretty wild milestones.

The company announced Monday that they had sold more than 5.6 million PS4 units over the holiday season worldwide, bringing the total number of current-gen consoles sold to 91.6 million, a number that suggests the popular console is still vibrant even after five years on the market.

Microsoft has been in a losing position throughout the “console wars” and, while it hasn’t released its own numbers recently, it’s estimated that the quantity of Xbox One units sold may make up just about half of what Sony has shipped this generation. Meanwhile, Nintendo has had a banner year following the success of the Switch, which launched in late 2017 and has become the fastest-selling game console ever in the U.S., though the total units sold still drags far behind the much older PS4.

Beyond the hardware, Sony also delivered some statistics on title sales, saying that they sold more than 50 million titles and that they have sold at least 9 million copies of the Spider-Man Sony-exclusive title. A staggering 876 million PS4 games have been sold to date.

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