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Android news and kids apps contain the most third-party trackers

An academic study of nearly one million Android applications reveals that most apps contain third-party tracking code, and that “news apps and apps targeted at children appear to be amongst the worst in terms of the number of third-party trackers associated with them.” The University of Oxford research consisted of ...

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Amazfit Pace Review | NDTV Gadgets360.com

The Amazfit Pace is a fitness oriented watch designed for runners. Amazfit is a brand owned by Huami, a company backed by the well-known tech brand Xiaomi. We reviewed the Amazfit Stratos a little while ago, which was a watch targeted specifically at triathletes, but had a number of problems. ...

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The Zortrax Apoller safely smooths 3D prints – TechCrunch

The Zortrax Apoller is a Smart Vapor Smoothing device that uses solvents to smooth the surface of 3D-printed objects. The resulting products look like they are injection molded and all of the little lines associated with FDM printing will disappear. The system uses a microwave-like chamber that can hold multiple ...

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Shazam Now Allows Sharing of Content on Instagram Stories

Photo Credit: Billboard Shazam now has an additional Instagram Stories sharing option within the iOS app Instagram has been pushing music-related features in the recent past, and now it has further integrated its third-party app integration with Shazam support. Users of the Shazam app can now share content as Instagram ...

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