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Signal fixes FaceTime-like eavesdropping bug

Whisper Systems Signal fixed today a bug that could have allowed attackers to eavesdrop on victims by placing and then immediately auto-answering a call, without the callee’s permission. The bug is reminiscent of Apple’s FaceTime bug discovered in January, which similarly allowed attackers to eavesdrop on other iPhone users by ...

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Microsoft, Hewlett Foundation, and MasterCard launch CyberPeace Institute

Microsoft, Hewlett Foundation, MasterCard, and several other unnamed major corporations and philanthropic institutions have formed an independent non-profit organisation called the CyberPeace Institute aimed at protecting victims against cyberattacks and helping them recover from one. “For years, non-governmental organisations around the world have provided on-the-ground help and vocal advocacy for ...

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Disqus & Kickstarter hacker warns against password reuse

A hacker who made a fortune by breaking into people’s accounts and posting spam on their behalf is now warning users against password reuse. Kyle Milliken, a 29-year-old Arkansas man, was released last week from a federal work camp. He served 17 months for hacking into the servers of several ...

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