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Sony My PS4 Life Compiles Your Gaming History in a Shareable Video


Sony My PS4 Life Compiles Your Gaming History in a Shareable Video

My PS4 Life is a look at your biggest gaming achievements.

It’s been five years since the PlayStation 4 launched internationally, and now Sony is giving you a chance to take a glorified look at what you’ve been doing on the system in all these years. The company is offering all your boasting rights in a convenient video form that you can get from a site it recently launched – My PS4 Life.

To get you stats in a video, just log on to the site using the same credentials as your PS4 account, and click the button that says “Create my Video”. In a couple of minutes you’ll have a video generated with some interesting stats on the games you’ve played the most, the rarest trophy you’ve collected and many more. Alternatively, the video will even be sent to your registered email address in 24 hours after clicking the button. Though this is being offered as a holiday season special, the stats are not limited to 2018, but your entire PS4 gaming history.


Unfortunately there’s no option to hide or customise what gets shown in the video. So in case you don’t want anyone to know about your (lack of) PlayStation Trophies, or which game you’ve been spending the most amount of hours in, there’s no way to change that once the video is generated.

The video can be shared directly on Facebook and Twitter, and you’re given the option to generate an embed code, or even download the video. It’s worth noting that clicking on the button to create your video will get you automatically subscribed to marketing emails, though you have the option to unsubscribe later.

On the flip side having this data accessible may lead to player numbers of well known titles outed, as we had reported earlier

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